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Welcome to Dorogis Limited, with a fine fission of traditional and innovative techniques we are reshaping the future of mining. Nigeria is blessed abundantly with natural resource and we are proudly based in this treasure trove. We are setting new standards in mineral exploration and mining activities. With cutting edge drone technology solutions w e are more versatile. We do all these without compromising our high standards and business capabilities.

    A Global Vision

    Quality underpins every facet of our operations, serving as the bedrock of our business ethos. Dorogis Limited upholds ethical and professional standards, demonstrating a profound respect for regulatory laws and safety protocols. Our overarching vision involves seamlessly incorporating cutting-edge technology into mining processes, propelling us into the international market with a forward-thinking approach.

    Our Hallmark

    We strive to provide mine operators with strategic business intelligence needed to identify, quantify and prioritize value creation opportunities.

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Our Leadership


Tolulope Fatunbi


Tolulope has a deep-rooted background in Embedded Systems, Robotics, and AI, more-so training, crew coordination and management, with years of experience in Mining

Our Values

Who We Are

  • Our Journey of Innovation

    Dorogis Limited is more than a mining company; we are crafting a lasting legacy . Our journey demonstrates an unwavering dedication to excellence, seamlessly blending Earth's treasures with cutting-edge technology. Committed to the highest quality business practices, we strive to amplify our impact. As a forward-thinking mining enterprise, we merge innovation with responsibility , ensuring sustainable practices for a brighter future. Explore our legacy-driven mining solutions today.

  • Practical Solutions

    By implementing level-appropriate transformation tools, our behavioral and cultural change methodologies, data management, and analytics, our goal is to create a sustainable and positive impact on your mining operations.

  • Results-driven

    We go beyond strategy to offer a direct and measurable approach to success. Our commitment extends to delivering real business outcomes and helping your team sustain those changes for the long haul.

Our Comprehensive Services

  • Mineral Exploration

    Unearthing the Earth's hidden treasures begins with meticulous exploration. Our experts employ the latest techniques, including drone technology, geochemical analysis, and geophysics, to pinpoint valuable mineral deposits accurately.

  • Mining Consultancy

    Benefit from our expertise. Our mining consultancy services offer tailored solutions, empowering your projects with strategic guidance and industry insight.

  • Mining (Mineral Exploitation)

    We don't just mine; we engineer the future. Our sustainable mining practices prioritize environmental responsibility, safety, and efficiency, ensuring a harmonious coexistence with the Earth's resources.

  • Drone Technology

    At the intersection of innovation and exploration, our state-of-the-art drone technology takes flight. Capturing aerial insights, our drone fleet revolutionizes mineral exploration, environmental monitoring, and project management.

  • Project Management and Evaluation

    Our dedicated project management team ensures that every venture is executed with precision, from inception to completion. We evaluate projects against rigorous criteria, guaranteeing success.

  • Geochemical Analysis

    Our cutting-edge laboratories conduct geochemical analysis, providing invaluable insights for mineral exploration, environmental assessments, and geological studies.

  • Licensed Buyer and Seller

    Dorogis Limited is a licensed buyer and seller of solid minerals and drones. We facilitate secure and compliant transactions, connecting mineral producers with discerning buyers while offering top-quality drones for various applications.

  • Lapidary (Gemstone Artistry)

    The beauty of gemstones lies beneath the surface. Our lapidary artisans meticulously cut, facet, and polish gemstones, revealing their true brilliance and uniqueness.


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